Friday, May 11, 2012

Haven't posted in a while!

I know, it's been a good 2 weeks since my last post. Those weeks were taken up by the piled on tests and end of the school year testing (FINALS!) ah. Well to all of you curious about my schooling and where I stand (if anyone actually reads my blogs) I have passed my first year of college with a 2.2. Way higher than what I expected! I only failed my biology lab class! Which was only 1 credit hour! So that means it didn't NOT effect my TOPS :). Which makes me completely ecstatic :). Oh! And I made a C in Biology lecture which completely hit me by surprise!!!! :))). Whoa! :) soo yes. I am VERY satisfied with myself! :). And so far my summer vacation is going great! I plan on reading ALL my books this summer and doing all my pinterest inspired crafts for cheap. Haha :) I'm on top of the world! Everyone have a great day! Til tomorrow! :). Hopefully I remember to blog :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

I will survive.....

SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! is what i will be screaming in about 10 DAYS! hah.  I hope I survive the exams! I hope..  hah. So I really do not know what to write about today, but yeah.... time to eat.

til next time. :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A sick day

     Today consisted of laying in bed all morning, watching Channel four news and the price is right.  Countless episodes of Maury and now episodes of House Hunters and Love it or List it.  Pretty good TV today but I do not feel so good. :( I missed school today and I called into work! ugh I really hate this!! I guess I really should start my math homework and Study for my history test.  I am just so glad that there is only 3 weeks left of school! I CANNOT wait for this summer!!!! No tutoring and no school! JUST ME TIME! :D yes. This summer is MUCH NEEDED! i cannot wait! gah! so excited and so much to look forward to!

well, til next time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My life is a Musical!

 Okay, maybe not but I wish!! I'm watching Hairspray! and I absolutely love this movie!! I wish everyone in real life would just break out in song and make everyone around them smile and sing along! That would be pretty awesome! Well the closest I can get to that is go to Disney World (my ABSOLUTE favorite place to vacation)! hah, anyway lets get out of wonderland.!

     So recently I have made up my mind about my college major and............................................................
Ive decided to SWITCH to EDUCATION! PK-3rd grade.  I cannot wait! I AM SO EXCITED! To have my own classroom and grade papers and have craft time and all that good fun stuff!!! My family and my love is 100% behind me on all my decisions and I am truly blessed! :D!!! I have bought myself books to help my decision even more because of course I am a HUGE nerd and I LOVE to read! :D  and I absolutely love school supplies! When a booth or a business is giving away free pens! OMG its the best day EVER! ask anyone that knows me best!! I take that pen and use it until it runs out of ink! ha. I am so weird! So i talked to some of the kids I tutor at work if I would make a good teacher and they were so happy! They were like "please become my teacher!!!!" I was so happy!

    In my heart I still love the medical field and if I change my mind after I become a teacher I can always go back later on! My dreams are ENDLESS!

(gosh I love Zac Efron in the movie!)



Monday, April 9, 2012

I should be cooking supper!

Instead, I want to talk about my recent festivities.  This past weekend was Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Friday was filled with a morning of crabbing and fishing.  The afternoon was an afternoon full of crawfish boils and crab boils. Fish and shrimp was fried for the allergic people (my father and I). haha! That night my love took me to see Titanic 3D! and OMG it was sooooooo GOOOOD!!!!! IT WAS BETTER THAN THE FIRST TIME ID SEEN IT!!! I had a better understanding of the movie! It made me cry again. haha!

Saturday was a great day as well.  We baked a cake! well, I started to bake the cake all alone and it all leaked in the oven, since when have I done that baking IDK! haha but it was a horrible mess! Thank God Brandon was there to clean it for me! haha, I offered but he insisted :). SO we went to the store to buy more cake mix and I started mixing again.  Brandon helped this time and it came out perfect! and I made the icing look like grass and placed little eggs in the grass to look like an easter egg hunt! ha it was cute! Then we went to my grandpas house for an Easter egg hunt! It was great and we got to hang out with my family.  That night Brandon and I went sleep at my mom and dads house to wait for the Easter Bunny to pass! haha.  Evie (my little sister) was so excited to have us there. 

Sunday we woke up to presents galore and candy! it was great! Everyone was there except Ashley (my oldest sister). Stella (the cutest baby in the world) my godchild spent Easter with her dads family so that was different.  We went tp PEE WEEs house like always and enjoyed our time! Brandon and I went to his familys house and enjoyed our time there as well! So i say this easter holiday was a SUCCESS!!!

My explaination of the Holiday is boring! Wish I coudlve said stuff like we rode elephants outside! and went swimming with the whales, or riding bikes in the woods!   Sad to say i will NEVER want to do any of these things!! haha! which gets me thinking that i want to post the top 20 things i want to do before i die! FUN! ill get back to that!!!

Now going play with penguins and read them a book,  I MEAN cook dinner!   (weird)

til next time :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help! I'm stuck in a hole!

Yeah well not a real hole. Just the hole of college. :/. I really do not know what to do anymore! Everyone is telling me. "oh just push through! You will make it! It's going to be okay!!". Yes I know! I study all the time. Constantly at it. And remember how I was waiting for my cat dissection test grade? Well I thought I did pretty good. Ole girl over here made a 20/100. Hah. I LOVE HOW COLLEGE MAKES MY CONFIDENCE GO WAYYYY DOWN. I tried as hard as I could. And I failed. I feel like I'm dangling off a cliff and someone let go. :/. I hate this. I know my family is trying to help. I've always wanted to be a nurse. ALWAYS. I've always wanted to be a teacher. ALWAYS. heck. I wanted to be a meteorologist. UNTIL I FOUND OUT THEY HAVE TO STAY DURING A HURRICANE. That dream flew out the window with hurricane Katrina. Ha. I well since I made a 20 I am failing my biology lab. And I cried all afternoon. Brandon (my boyfriend/love of my life :) ) told me he just wants me to be happy no matter what career path I choose. That's why I love him so much :). He understands me so well. :). I was told I can just retake it. But come on. Is it REALLY worth it? I want to be a nurse. I want to be a teacher. I want that teacher schedule. I want that RN schedule. I'm so confused. And I have to have my schedule for next week. My parents would probably kill me if I switched to teaching. I feel like everyone will be so disappointed. :(. But don't I have a say so in MY future. The journey getting to become a nurse is HARD! Almost harder than pre med. which was quoted by my best friend who is in pre med. :/. I just wish I could say. Okay I want to switch to education. Okay boom. Education. Happy. But my family will be upset. But this is my future. ( probably repeating everything like crazy because I'm writing as I think! Sorry :)).). High school was a BREEZE! I never had to study. I made straight A's and B's! I was eighth in the class and graduated on stage. Everyone was so proud! College. I failed my history class. I dropped my English class. I made a 2.3 grade average. Now I have failed my biology lab class. But my other grades are up. I have a C in math. I have an A in English. I have a C in history. I have a C in biology lecture. I think :/. My dad will probably blame my grades on "moving in with that boy!". No. Ha. I blame COLLEGE! And it's stupid way of things. "were going to make it so hard that we only have a 23% graduate rate." HOW STUPID IS THAT. I'm really thinking about switching to education to teach third grade. I would LOVE IT! I don't care about the pay. I didn't care about the nursing pay. Yes it was nice. But I would have to specialize. I would be so happy as a teacher.

My daddy always told me I would be the one who took care of them when they got old. Was that because I was going to make a lot of money? Or because I was becoming a nurse. My family always ask me question. MEDICAL questions calling me nurse. I love that. I don't want to lose that. But I can't handle. When my family asks me how's school going. And I say I switched my major. No more nursing. They'll look at me as a failure. :/. Will they? People have choices? My sister changed her major like five times. No one looked at her as failure. But I know they will to me. Im a CNA right now and I'm tutoring kids instead. Sign?! Lol. I do not know. Any comments would be great! I'm going to bed. Til next time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yep, everyone's blogs are better than mine!

I haven't posted in a few days because I suck at remembering things! Well no, that's not true. I just don't have time! I need to find the time! Hah. Well, I am waiting outside my biology lab class and today were supposed to be getting back our grades for our cat dissection test!! I'm utterly and completely nervous! I do not want this test! She can keep it. Yep. I've decided she can keep it and just throw it away. Hab. Eh :/. I'm not excited. And she just walked up! Ugh.

Okay so my teacher is a complete slacker and didn't grade our tests and the drop date is tomorrow! Wow. She's a winner. Ha. But she said they might be online tonight. MIGHT. great.

Anyway, I've grown up for a while and last night I truly felt grown up. Hah. When the weather was horrible my electricity went out. I woke up said oh the lights are out. What do I do? Eh nothing go back to sleep. Ha! If I k we I'd act like that when I was like nine it would've blown my mind! When I was little I was the one who ran around with a flashlight when it was just a small drizzle outside! I was cute so it's okay :).

This one is full of random thoughts :). But it's okay! Cause I'm still cute! Ha.

So every morning I listen to Kidd kraddik in the morning! Omg I love the dang show! Well I signed up for the friends with benefits contest and every morning at 7:10 am they call out a name and if you call back you win $1,000. Well as everyone knows me I hate talking to people on the phone hHahaha. And secretly in my mind when they call out the name I hope they don't call mine cause I don't want to call. Haha but I want them to call because I want $1,000!!! I'm so weird. :/.

I should be studying the brain but hey! I don't want to. Hah. Spring break is so close I can taste it!!!!!! Hah. Well I'll probably blog later. Or tomorrow. Or in three days! No one will know. :). Til next time :)